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Electrical actuator with epicyclic gearing HARMONY

Electronic Valves Remote Control System with actuator Harmony with epicyclic reducer.

Actuator HARMONY-00250 Technical data:

- Maximum operating torque (programmable): 250 N*m

- Standard braking torque: 250 N*m

- Opening time (programmable): 5-120 s

- Main power supply: 230 V alternating current

- Reserve power supply: 230 V alternating current

- Emergency power supply with self-contained battery: 24 V direct current

- Electrical power consumption:

in stand-by mode: 20 W

in operational mode: 120 W

- Working temperature range: -25...+ 70С

- Safety class: IP 68

- Actuators are in compliance with: ISO 5211 & DIN 337

Harmony actuators advantages:

1. Applicable for quarter turn valves, as butterfly, ball and three-way valves;

2. Safety level IP 68 (3v х 48h), standard and explosion protection model EEx d IIC T5 (per special order);

3. Available size 250, 500, 1000, 2000 N*m;

4. ISO 5211 & DIN 337;

5. Functional capacities:

- actuators that block valves when control system fails in preset mode; in standard set with one actuator;

- actuator that open or close valves when control system fails; upon request with one or two electrical actuators, with a battery with automatic charge control;

6. Main and reserve power supply:

7. Main and reserve opto-isolated link of data transmission ModBus RTU or CAN-Open; maximum 255 of blocks connected in parallel way;

8. Digital and analogous interface 4-20 mA;

9. Connection of emergency shutdown system or SND with cable integrity control;

10. Local/remote switch with a handwheel for control in case of local emergency situations;

11. Automatic priority option at the control panel:

- local for Harmony (the highest level),

- safety system (Emergency shutdown system or SND),

- operation control panel,

- simulator,

- automation system (the lowest level)

12. Emergency and signal alarm is transmitted via data transmission link.



- Chemical and petrochemical productions,

- Power plants,

- Oil-extracting industry


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When we talk about valve remote control systems, we offer full package, including valves and accessories.

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We supply spare parts to all the above mentioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

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