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Norta MIT company is the partner of the Hempel company.

Hempel’s founder, J.C. Hempel, transferred the ownership of Hempel A/S to the Hempel Foundation in 1948. Today, the Foundation remains the sole shareholder of the Hempel Group.

The Foundation’s primary tasks are to provide a sound economic base for the operations of the Hempel Group and to ensure our work contributes to development around the world. To this end, it supports educational projects around the globe, focusing on the education of children in need and research into environmentally sustainable technologies within the coatings industry.

Hempel is a world-leading supplier of protective coatings to the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. Around the globe, Hempel is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner and with a respect for the environment.

Hempel coatings protect man-made structures – from wind turbines and bridges to ships and houses – from the corrosive forces of nature. They also make the world more attractive by bringing colour to our homes, places of work and many of the objects that we see everyday.

Hempel maintain a strong focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coating advice in order to help our customers reduce maintenance costs, increase energy effiency and speed up production processes. Hempel also provide a full colour palette and colour matching services so that people can choose the ideal colour to express their personality or brand.

All Hempel coatings are designed to reduce the overall environmental impact of structures, homes and equipment by ensuring they remain safe and corrosion free for longer. But as a company, we believe we should do more. So we concentrate on developing coatings that help our customers improve environmental performance.

Hempel fouling control systems for ships’ hulls, for example, reduce vessel fuel consumption and CO2 emissions; company produce advanced insulating house paints that reduce a building’s carbon footprint; and our fast-curing protective coatings ensure line producers use less energy on heating drying halls.

Hempel also continually strive to reduce energy use, emissions and waste from our own operations, and focus on developing low-solvent products that release less chemicals into the environment.

All Hempel factories have global ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. In 2013, Hempel factory in Vietnam obtained ISO 9001 certification and all Hempel operating factories are now ISO certified under Global Quality Certification Scheme.

Shipbuilding and ship repair

We are suppliers of high-quality ship colors and the coverings providing an excellent status of your vessel both inside, and outside, for all period of its service. Now we deliver a broad spectrum of highly effective products, from fuel-efficient anti-fouling colors to a row of the epoxy coverings most resistant to external influences, from among used in this branch. We work with vessels of all types and we deliver coverings for vessels at a stage of their construction, in case of scheduled maintenance and for inventory support on flight.

The range includes:

  • Anti-fouling coverings
  • Not acquiring coverings
  • Coverings for ballast tanks
  • Coverings for tanks
  • Coverings for cargo bays
  • In-process primers
  • Coverings for protection of the casing, above-deck constructions, decks and engine rooms

Products of Partner

  • Ship's coatings

    Hempel company is world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.

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