• Equipment selection

    Installation works

    Start-up works

    Repair works

  • Safety and life-support systems

    Arctic model equipment

    Explosion-proof equipment

    Valve remote control

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems

    Furniture and interior design

    Wall panels, carpeting

  • Trawling stations

    Ladders, ropes, anchors

    Refrigerator equipment

    Fish-searching equipment

    Fish-processing equipment

  • Drilling equipment

    Generator stations

    Position-control system

    Dwelling module installations

  • Logistics

    Customs and forwarding

    Consolidation and storage

    Supply control -Tracking system

  • Repair dock selection

    Design works

    Installation works

    Start-up works

    Repair works

    Ship survey

Automatic and electrical equipment

NORTA MIT delivers a wide range of automation and electrical equipment.

The company's specialists always help with selection of analogous equipment when it is required to replace the obsolete units.

We offer equipment manufactured both in the Russian Federation and in former German Demo-cratic Republic, and we select analogous units for equipment that is not produced any more.

Technical specialists of the company make assembly of cabinets, installation, adjustment and repair of all equipment.

We deliver equipment of the following manufacturers:


Johnson ControlsKoncarKronsberg
Leroy SomerMoelerMouser
OmronPraxisRade Koncar




We supply spare parts to all the above mentioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

  • Headway® Voyage Data Recorder

    Voyage data recorder (VDR), popular name-black box, is used for recording all kinds of navigation information. The recorded data is used for analyzing causes of major and minor incidents happened during ships’ voyage.

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