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Combustion engines

The company installs and starts up industrial and marine diesel engines on board the ship with connection to marine systems and on industrial sites. Also the company makes installation in the con-tainers SEVER for ensuring reliable work of the equipment in the severe climatic conditions made on the basis of standard marine containers with sizes of 3, 6, 9, 12 meters depending on productivity of installations.

Special diagnostic units and tools are used by compa-ny's engineers to provide maintenance of modern engines. Strong experience of the company’s engineers supported by technical documents from manufacturers assists in execution of diagnostics and repair, engine and block regulation.

Diagnostic works and emergency repairs of modern engines of any type of difficulty are made by mobile teams according to acting instructions of plants of manufacturers on a place of installation of stationary installations, in any port or on transition onboard a vessel.

Teams of specialists are formed onboard the ships that fulfil emergency or overhaul repairs, prepared to execute works in any port or on transition onboard a vessel. The repair teams are provided with measurement and repair tool sets and special devices providing high quality and high production works on dismantling of diesel engines, fault detection of details, its repair and assembly.

The company owns modern repair base equipped with all the required instruments, with capacity to receive up to three generator units with capacity of 2.0 megawatt each. A storage house is allocated on the territory of the repair base where most demanded expendable materials, spare parts, repaired blocks and units, required to minimize the overhaul repair time of one-type units, are formed.

The production sites of the company have special equipment required to fulfil the following works:
- fault detection of engine critical parts;

- mechanical treatment of engine parts;

- diagnostics, repair and calibration of engine fuel system;

- repair of turbochargers and rigging;

- repair of air supercharger cooler and radiator system of engine cooling;

- diagnostics and overhaul repair of power generators;

- rewinding of stator power windings;

- rewinding of rotor and stator excitation windings;

- post-repair testing equipment.

The company's engineers fulfil all the works in accordance with the acting operation, maintenance and workshop manuals of the served equipment. All engineers have higher profile education and cer-tificates. Mechanics have constantly renewed technical information about cause of faults and special instructions on repair and maintenance.

Moreover, we deliver controllers and ComAp software, and also we make their programming, reg-ulation and start-up applicable to concrete engine. The company's experts are systematically trained to work on systems and upgrade software in the official service centre of the manufacturer.

All listed types of works are recognized by RMRS.

Further details of executed works are described on the page relating to our technical department НОРТА МОТОРС

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