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Circulating water treatment systems

Chemical free water treatment for engine cooling water and chilled water/HVAC-systems.

To preserve the high efficiency of water based closed loop system, eg. engine cooling system, it is important to maintain a high water quality. Poor water quality will degenerate the system by corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth.

The EnwaMatic® Engine uses a side stream of the closed loop, and treats the water through a special granulate bed to prevent bacterial growth, scaling and corrosion.

The equipment which quickly pays back itself.


• Anticorrosive protection

• Water parameters control

• Ecological control for prevention of bacterial growth

• Removal of air and gas from the system

• Removal of sediment and impurities.

• Media filtration up to < 5 microns


• Ecologically clean technology

• Reduces power consumption

• Increases piping life cycle

• Reduces operational costs

• More profitable alternative in relation to chemical treatment of water

• Uninterrupted filtration, autonomous water treatment work

• Economically optimal solution during system upgrade process


Filter casing of stainless steel is isolated by thermo-foam and concluded in rigid plastic external casing. The design includes two stages that fulfil the function of handles for lifting, for easier maintenance and installation. Fabrication holes in the lower part are designed to install the unit of the foundation, frame or deck. The EnwaMatic® systems are widely used on passenger, transport vessels, ice-breakers, floating hotels, derricks, yachts and other objects of the sea industry.

MWT – economically profitable, reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical dispensing and chemical treatment of water.

EnwaMatic® for maritime applications – technical information


Volume of system, m³

Power, kW

Overall dimensions, HxWxD, mm

Weight empty (kg), dry
MWT F1 0 - 7 25 - 30 1500х550х550


MWT F2 0 - 20 25 - 30 1700х600х600


MWT F3 0 - 40 25 - 30 2000х600х600



• Control panel for installation on a wall, protection level IP 54.

• Programmable input for working operations and system cleaning.

• Power supply 220 V, one phase, output 24 V.

• Visual alarm signal, additional signal is transmitted to the switchboard.

• Alarm check system function.

• Guide to change and control of functions.


• The monitoring system in real time of the pH level in water with the monitor and alarm function;

• Double Blok for prevention of leakage of the fourth category;

• The alarm MS module with connections.

The EnwaMatic® system has been tested and is approved by DNV


Water samples EnwaMatic® technology

from 1st to the 21st day, from left to right

“EnwaMatic technology is utilized in the Wärtsilä Water Conditioning Unit (WWCU), which is the only accepted cooling water treatment system for Wärtsilä 4-stroke engines.”

Brochure EnwaMatic® Maritime

We supply spare parts to all the above mentioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

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