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CONDENSATE WT (Condensate Control, BWT QC4 Organic, SLCCA/Amerzine)


·         Environmentally safe, non-toxic product.

·         Unique single product for control of corrosion throughout the condensate system.

·         Simple, accurate testing.

·         Effective under all operating conditions.

·         Protects boiler surfaces by forming an iron tannate film.


Condensate WT is an oxygen scavenger based on neutralized organic acids and a blend of volatile/neutralizing amines. It is normally used only in conjunction with Boiler WT as part of the water treatment program. It removes oxygen efficiently in open feed systems and gives effective corrosion inhibition of boiler/exhaust gas economizer system surfaces by converting Fe2O3 (rust) to an organic iron compound.  It also protects copper based metals. The amines pass over with the steam and have the dual function of elevating the pH of the steam/condensate and putting a protective micro film on the system pipe work. Acidic condensate is the result of carbonic acid (H2CO3) being formed as CO2 is released in the steam. The use of Condensate WT prevents corrosion by carbonic acid on live systems. Its filming properties also reduce corrosion on shut down lines, when moisture and oxygen are present.

Directions for use

Condensate WT is dosed at a rate which maintains a pH of 9.0 to 10.0 in the condensate returns. Oxygen entrainment largely depends on hotwell temperatures and if these are maintained at above 80°C the condensate pH range of pH 9.0 to 9.5 is adequate. If hotwell temperature control is erratic and averages less than 80°C, tighter control is necessary and condensate returns should be kept in the range pH 9.5 to 10.0. It is not necessary to carry out oxygen or product residual tests.

Initial dosage

Condensate WT is initially dosed at 0,2 ltr/m3 boiler water.  Systems showing signs of corrosion should be dosed at up to .07 ltr/m3 boiler water for the first few days in order to passivate all metal surfaces.

Daily dosage rates

After initial dose, start metering at a minimum of 0.4 ltr/24 hours continuously and adjust to obtain correct condensate pH.

Dosing system

Condensate WT must be dosed continuously in conjunction with Boiler WT in a metering pump/tank unit, discharging directly into the feed system and/or the exhaust gas economizer circulating pump discharge. It must NEVER be slug dosed to a running system via a hotwell or by-pass feeder. For further details on dosing equipment refer to the equipment information sheets.


Brown aqueous solution of neutralized organic acids and amines.

Specific gravity (20°C)     : 1.0

Flashpoint PM CC            : none

pH (1% solution)              : 10-11


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