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Candle filters

During the production of Fil-Tec filter candles, which are used for filtering lubricating oil, fuel oil, coolants or other fluids our special production methods guarantee perfect positioning of the fabric materials.

Fil-Tec filter candles can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, depending on the requirements of the engine manufacturers or the users of industrial equipment.

The main features of Fil-Tec filter candles:

- End caps made from steel or stainless steel

- Resistance against alkaline cleaning agents

- Protective fabric against mechanical damage

The Fil-Tec filter candles are available either in polyester or different high-alloyed steel grades.

The candle filters by Fil-Tec are distinguished by particularly accurate manufacturing. The fabric is generally welded with special care - which is proven by mechanical test - therefore hardly any distortions are caused. Bypasses for bigger particles generated by broadened tissue are thus prevented.

The filter canles by Fil-Tec are available in two different designs. The filter candles are either fastened by insertion or by screwing.

The screwed filter elements for fully automated reversible flow filters are cutting edge - thanks to the years of experience of the Fil-Tec engineers. Aside from the advantages of the filter candle inserts, the screwed filter elements can optionally protected against mechanical damage by a protective fabric.

The candle filter inserts can be used as an alternative to mantle filters and also for the latest generation of double filters.

The candle mesh liners provide the following ad-vantages compared to mantle mesh liners:

- approx. 36% larger filter surface (depending of the size of the filter)

- longer service life

- few components (seals)

- ideal protection of candles by protective fabric (optional)

- candles can be replaced individually

- easier to clean

ConnectionStick out wireSpecificity
Fil-Tec Rixen GnbHRoller weld without deformationLong, straight---
Other manufacturersRoller weld with deformations or spot weldingLong, deformedExpansion of the cell surface due to the deformation


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