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BOILER WT (Combi/Auto/Liquid treat, BWT QC3, AGK 100/Adj. B+ GC)


• One of the five StarMarine Water Treatment Program Products.

• Advanced polymer technology.

• Organic corrosion control.

• Simple accurate testing.

• Prevents caustic corrosion.

• Low "Totally Dissolved Solids".

• Effective scavenging of nominal oxygen presence.


Boiler WT has been developed to meet the demands for a modern, practical boiler water treatment. Boiler WT is a dark brown liquid based on neutralized organic acids, pH, corrosion, scale and sludge conditioners.

The neutralized organic acids remove nominal oxygen presence and inhibit the boiler corrosion forming an organic iron compound. The correct pH is maintained by a unique blend of low molecular weight compounds which avoid pitting corrosion caused by chlorides. Use of these compounds also avoids "under deposit" corrosion which is caused by excess alkalinity in conventional treatment.

A blend of advanced polymers stops the formation of scale and maintains clean surfaces in the boiler.  These conditions are maintained with a low total solids level, avoiding heavy sludge, making blow down of the boiler more efficient.


StarMarine Water Treatment Program

Suitable for all auxiliary boiler plants on motor ships including dual pressure boiler primary systems of up to 50 Bar.

Standard Water Treatment

This program is suitable for boilers up to 20 bar, results we strongly recommend continuous dosage into the feed system, via a dosing pump and tank unit.

Directions for use

StarMarine Water Treatment Program

If the product is used as part of the StarMarine Water Treatment Program, it must be continuously dosed in conjunction with Condensate WT using the StarMarine dosing pump / tank unit.

For further details on dosing equipment refer to equipment information sheet.

Standard Water Treatment

Boiler WT can be added directly to the feed water. We strongly recommend this and this is achieved by using a dosing pump.

Control limits

Standard Water Treatment

The boiler water must meet the following conditions:

p-Alkalinity          : 100-200 ppm CaCO3

Chloride content   : max. 200 ppm Cl

pH                         : 10.5 to 11.0

Conductivity         : 400 to 2000 uMho

Initial dosage

Boiler WT is dosed at 0.4 liters per metric ton boiler water. Allow the boiler water to be conditioned for 24 hours and then carry out a p-alkalinity test. Adjust product dosage as necessary to obtain a p-alkalinity of 100 - 200 ppm.

At the same time determine the chloride content. If the chlorides are too high, give the boiler a top and bottom blow down in a ratio in time 2 to 1.

Daily dosage

Recheck p-alkalinity and increase dosage of Boiler WT if necessary to maintain pH or p-alkalinity level. A minimum of 0.2 ltr/day should be dosed to maintain correct treatment levels in conjunction with regular top and bottom blown down. This dosage can vary according e.g. size of the boiler system, make up water quality etc.


Boiler WT is a dark brown liquid containing neutralized organic acids, pH, corrosion, scale and sludge conditioners. After using the treatment the boiler water will be clear and straw colored.

Specific gravity                 : 1.13 (20°C)

Flash point PMCC            : None

pH (1 % solution)             : >11


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