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Ultrasonic device for filter cleaning

The optimal, technically bester cleaning effect of Fil-Tec ultra-sonic equipment cannot be attained by conventional methods. Even stubborn soiling in drill¬holes and cavities is removed optimally by ultra-sonic treatment.

No other cleaning method achieves even remotely equivalent results when it comes to cleaning filter elements. A careful control of the cleaned filter elements for mechanical damage is still necessary. Apart from our ultra-sonic cleaning equipment for filter elements, Fil-Tec can also supply special solutions for e.g. cleaning cylinder heads, charging air coolers and other large machine parts.

The principle of the cleaning with Ultrasonic devices is based on cavitation. A generator excites frequencies above 20kHz. Piezoelectric oscillators transform these frequencies into mechanical energy. Thereby unstable pimples are formed which implode due to the movement in the cleaning fluid and thus cause pressure pulses. The thus provoked cavitation is the most effective and thoroughly cleaning method of all. The capabilities of the cleaning with Ultrasonic devices are nearly unbound.

The deep-cleansing is perfect for the cleaning of filter candles. Despite the forces of the cavitation this cleaning method is gentle to all material.

ultrasonic units

Name Max tank volume, l Max common capacity, kW Outer dimensions, мм Weight, kg
FT S700 HM 76 2,75 640х540х730 43
FT S1600 HM 165 3,05 740х730х730 62
FT S2000 HM 208 3,25 910х740х730 69
FT S3300 HM 383 8,05 1240х800х890 121

For filter elements and candle filters, Fil-Tec is able to offer a complete programme of products for high-pressure cleaning which can also be used for other cleaning tasks:

1. Patented cleaning nozzle FT2 with rotating jet;

2. Active cleaning agent with an extremely wide range of applications.

FT 31 is a cleaning fluid that can be used for practically all cleaning and degreasing purposes.

Features of FT31:

- is water based;

- has a boiling point above 100 °C;

- is irritating to eyes and skin;

- is not classified as a hazardous sub-stance according to transport regulations.

HP cleaning HP cleaning set FT31

We supply spare parts to all the aforementioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

  • FT S700 HM

    Ultrasonic device FT S700 HM

  • FT S1600 HM

    Ultrasonic device FT S1600 HM

  • FT S2000 HM

    Ultrasonic device FT S2000 HM

  • FT S3300 HM

    Ultrasonic device FT S3300 HM


    • Suitable for use on all common metals (except zinc and some magnesium alloys)
    • Designed for ultrasonic equipment
    • Easy to dispose
    • Low foaming so can be used in cleaning machines.

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