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Full complement cylindrical roller bearings

Austria Precision Bearings GmbH produces the whole range of full complement cylinder roll-er bearings The following series are constantly being manufactured

NCF 18xx.EX.V                           NCF 22xx.EX.V

NCF 29xx.EX.V                           NCF 30xx.EX.V

NJG 23xx.EX.V                            NNC/NNCL 48xx.EX.V

NNC/NNCL 49xx.EX.V               NNCF 48xx.EX/49xx.EX/50xx.EX

NNF 50xx.EX.V                            NNF 1xx.EX.V/2xx.EX.V

RNCF 30xx.EX.V / 22xx.EX.V     RNNCF 50xx.EX.V


- gear (engines),

- pumps,

- metallurgy (rolling mill, continuous casting etc),

- cranes, lifting devices (pulley grounds, blocks),

- industrial machines (drilling units etc),

- harvesting technique (cable cranes),

- plastic processing (extruders, rolling mills),

- wind-power industry (gears, generators),

- sea industry (blocks),

- metalworking (press-work, sheet-cutting stations, levelling machine etc),

- and many other things...

Comparative table

SL01 xxxxNNC xxxxV
SL01 48xxNNC 48xxV
SL1 49xxNNC 49xxV
SL02 xxxxNNCL xxxxV
SL02 48xxNNCL 48xxV
SL02 49xxNNCL 49xxV
SL04 xxxx PPNNF xxxx A 2LS V
SL04 1xx PPNNF1xx A 2LS V
SL04 2xx PPNMF 2xx A 2LS V
SLG4 50xx PPNNF 50xx A 2LS V
SL18 xxxxNCF xxxx V
SL18 18xxNCF 18xx V
SL18 22xxNCF 22xx V
SL18 29xxNCF 29xx V
SL18 30xxNCF 30xx V
SL18 50xxNNCF 50xx V
SL1923xxNJG 23xx V

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