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Bacterial barrier BIN-X

ENWA BIN-X® ultrafiltration units are a bacterial barrier by preparation of the potable water suitable for drink.

- during treatment chemicals are not used

- designed to be installed in cold water supply systems and circulating systems of heating

In systems of drinking water supply, water is affected by various external conditions, that creates the dangerous factors influencing its quality. It in turn can create health hazard and human lives.
BIN-X is a patented water treatment system; effectively removes mechanical particles and bacteria, such as Legionella and E-Coli from potable and drinking water.
Traditionally the ultrafiltration systems are used to neutralize bacteria in potable water systems. ENWA BIN-X uses ultrafiltration practically destroying bacteria.
ENWA BIN-X is approved by VA (water consumption and water removal) to be installed in potable water supply systems. The units work under temperature up to +80°С, and successfully destroy bacteria in both cold and hot water supply systems.

Advantages of ENWA BIN-X

- provides the maximum protection and safety against bacteria like Legionella and others, and also mechanical particles

- automatic function of washing steered by the programmable controler or the timer control

- high safety

- long life cycle of membranes

- low operational expenses

- it is approved for installation in systems of drinking water

- installed in central cold water supply systems and circulation heating

- operate under water pressure from 2 to 7 bar

- assist in avoiding water shut-off due to impurity

Standard application of ENWA BIN-X

- potable water system

- hospitals

- offshore structures

- operational vessels

- public baths

- industrial water (water treatment systems) and cooling stack

- laboratories

- water cooling units and ice-machines

Technical data

Cold water*


UF410 B1-B4

UF815 B1-B4

Max capacity, l/t35100150400360035000
Continuous capacity, l/t220180017200
Continuous capacity, m3/d543413
Dimension (LхBхH), мм330х63х63528х63х63728х63х63820х100х1001398х500х17001600х750х1940
Weight, kg0,30,713,540-10080-190
Electric connections

* contact us to get a calculation for hot water

Statement from Institute of Public Health

"BIN-X ultrafiltration system reduces biological growth conditions, including Legionella bacteria in water systems. The most effective solution is to filter both cold (including the feed water to the water heater) and hot water. If the hot water circulates to maintain a high temperature at all tapping points also the circulating water must be run through the ultrafiltration system. The system does not add any chemicals to the water, not even during flushing".

All ENWA equipment is certified by ROSTEST and has all the required sanitary and epidemio-logical conclusions.

Reference-list Enwa Water Maker

We supply spare parts to all the aforementioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

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