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Self contained micro power packs E-ACT

E-ACTs VRCS consists of hydraulic micro power packs (E) directly installed on our double and single acting turn and linear actuators (R&PD, R&PS, LPD, LPS) provided with infrared sensors feed back units. This electro-hydraulic group that may be supplied as “stand alone module” without associated electronic, can be linked through an hardwired connection (2 x 7 x 0,75 or 1 x 10 x 1 electrical cables)

Power is supplied to:

- independent interface input/output cabinets, provided by the main IAS (Integrated Automation System) societies

- special interface racks TAC-S B/B MASSO; when IAS racks are missing;

- mimic control panels, control consoles operating by means of selector switches and LEDs.

Structure of Valve Remote Control System with autonomous E-ACT power plants:

1) Rules Safety Valves Cabinets (above Bulkhead Deck);

2) Standard valves Cabinets (below Bulkhead Deck);

3) Fail close-open Globe valve;

4) Double acting Globe valve;

5) Double acting ball valve;

6) Double acting butterfly valve;

7) E-Act micro power pack up to 20.000 N*m;

8) Electric Cable;

9) Serial Line (ModBus) (main and redundant)

E-ACT Remote control advantages

1. Double IAS link

- ModBus

2. None parallel hardwired connection

3. None IMCS I/O Cabinets

4. None Gateway

5. None double serial line cabling due to the Gateway

6. ONLY direct ModBus serial interface

7. Low installation costs

8. None hydraulic piping; only electrical cables

E-akt 1 en.JPG

E-akt 2 en.JPG

When we talk about valve remote control systems, we offer full package, including valves and accessories.

Reference List

We supply spare parts to all the above mentioned equipment in accordance with catalogue number provided by the manufacturer.

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