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Emulsifying cleaning agent for the removal of coaltar, crudebenzene pyrolyse gas oil, bitumen and similar substances

  • Effective cleaner which will not leave carbon residues on the cleaned surface.
  • Excellent for heavily contaminated heat exchangers.
  • Economical cleaner which can be used as an emulsion with seawater.
  • Minimizes waste waters, because of fast separating properties(product + contamination sink to the bottom of separation tankbecause of its specific gravity).

Coal Tar is used for cleaning of tanks, heat exchangers, air coolers etc.

Directions for use

For Cleaning of Tanks
1.) After discharging, pre-wash (2 hrs.) the tanks with seawater at a maximum temperature of 50°C.
2.) Remove any sediment by hand.
3.) Make a solution in the tank which has to be cleaned in the ratio 100 liters of Coal Tar to 900 liters of water.
4.) Heat the solution up to approx. 50°C, by use of the heating coils.
5.) Start the circulation. (Cargo pump, cargo line with jump to the butterworth line to the butterworth machine).
6.) Continue circulation for about 48 hours at the same temperature.
7.) Pump the solution into another tank.
8.) Wash the tank with water and inject TankCleaner or Degreaser GP into the butterworth line if necessary.
9.) If the tanks are coated with zinc silicate, there may be a discoloration after the cleaning. If so, make a solution of fresh water and Buffer 5.5 conc. in the tank in the ratio of 9 to 1 = 10% sol.
10.) Heat this solution up to 50°C.
11.) Start circulation following item 3.
12.) Continue with the circulation for 1 2 hours.
13.) Wash with fresh water.
14.) Drain the tank.
15.) For chloride free cleaning steam the tanks with live steam.

For cleaning of heat exchangers, etc.:

1.) Start with a shock treatment with steam followed by flushing with cold water to break hard deposit layers, which will help the cleaning with Coal Tar afterwards.
2.) Fill the system with Coal Tar and circulate by means of a pump at max. 50°C for approximately 8 hours.
3.) Drain and flush with water.

For cleaning of air coolers

For badly soiled air coolers use the circulation method or spray system.
Coal Tar is used undiluted by means of a pump, spray and drain tank by circulation through the air cooler. The cleaning temperature should be 50o C, cleaning time approximately 8 hours.During the cleaning, the system should be closed and the area around must be ventilated well.

Cleaning in immersion baths

Coal Tar is used undiluted in immersion baths for the cleaning of metal components, which are badly soiled with Coaltar or similar substances. Afterwards, the parts must be well flushed with water.
During the cleaning, the bath must be closed and the area must be ventilated well.


Coal Tar is a slightly yellow colored liquid with characteristic odor, consisting of a mixture of 1.2 dichlorobenzene, hydrocarbons and non-ionic + cationic detergents.

Suitable for use on most common metals, however, should NOT be used on rubbers (except Viton rubber) and plastics (except nylon, polypropylene, epoxy coating and polyurethane).

Flash point c.c. : >80°C
pH (1% solution) : 7
Specific Gravity at 20°C : 1.19

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and / or Product label.

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